Imaginary Vacation: Kiribati

22 Apr

I spent almost 4 years working in Pitt’s computer labs.  During busy shifts, this involved a lot of papercuts and alphabetizing banner sheets within 3 letters.  During not so busy shifts, this involved drinking a lot of Mtn Dew: Code Red, scouring the CIA World Factbook for countries I’d never heard of, and planning imaginary vacations.

Kiribati      also: Kiribati on Wikipedia (pronounced Keer-ree-bahhs, and formerly known as the Gilbert Islands) is a collection of coral islands about halfway between Australia and Hawaii.  It has beautiful beaches and frequent typhoons, and is the only country in the world to fall into all four hemispheres. Most homes in Kiribati are actually thatched huts.  They’re one of the world’s poorest countries, have no major industry, and live mostly on an Australian trust fund.

Kiribati Presidential Palace

Kiribati Parliament house

There are 19 “airports” in Kiribati, 4 of which have paved runways….I assume “airport” is defined loosely and includes undeveloped swaths of land large enough to accommodate the landing of a small plane.  A round trip flight with Air Pacific (based in Fiji) between Los Angeles and Tarawa (Kiribati’s capital) looks like it would run $1700-2000. However, Christmas Island is the island in Kiribati with the most tourist appeal.   You could get to Christmas Island via charter flights either through Perth, Australia or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In imaginary vacation world, I’m made of money, so I’d stay in the luxury accommodations of The Sanctuary  (sorry Rachel, you’re staying with Grandma for this vacation, no kids under 15 allowed at The Sanctuary)

And since Christmas Island is mostly a national park, I’d spend my days there bird watching, snorkeling, and on the beach. Most of all, I’d just be excited to spend a couple days disconnected from the internet and my blackberry (ha, I say that now, but I’d probably go through srs bizness internet withdrawals).

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