greeting cards!

24 Apr

I LOVE greeting cards. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of mediocre un-funny cards. If you’re going to give a mediocre card, why bother giving a card? Just write a note. But a really good, funny card is totally worth it (and tricky to find).

My two tried and true places for cards are Kards Unlimited in Shadyside and Wildcard in Lawrenceville.

Kards Unlimited reliably has a good card for any occasion. So, for example, I was able to pick up this amusing card for my secretary:


See, clever, but not stupid.  And I didn’t have to sift through 6,387 boring cards to find it.  Kards Unlimited’s owners/staff are also big readers and have similar reading tastes to mine, so going in there is like visiting B&N, narrowed down to the stuff I actually want to read.  They are also a good go-to place for non frou-frou baby shower and wedding gifts.

Wild Card is quirkier and more sarcastic, and carries a lot of indie/handmade gifts.  I go there to get cards for my husband, and others who share (or tolerate) my bizarre sense of humor.  Prime example, what I refer to as “the best birthday card of all time”:

Inside: You heard me.

Completely unrelated, when I was sending these pictures from my blackberry, I found a picture I took from my office window of fog on the Mon river that I forgot about!


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