30 Apr

My brain is so full. I can feel how it’s completely at capacity, and cannot possibly retain a single additional piece of information. It needs a couple days rest, and needs to clear out some junk (like maybe a verse or two of The Jabberwocky, which it has needlessly clung to since I was in the 7th grade).

Because the sitter was sick and the mother in law is recovering from surgery, I worked from home today with the kiddo. I actually got a respectable amount of work done. Luckily Baby Beez is at that age were she can play and entertain herself, but she’s not crawling yet, so I was able to work and easily keep an eye on that. Those days are limited.

By the end of the day I was a little stir crazy. We had a fun family outing of dinner at Doublewide Grill, and yogurt at Tutti Frutti. Baby Beez is too little for all the food, but she loved looking around and smiling at all the people.

This is going to be a busy busy weekend. Tomorrow morning we’re going to North Park for the Superhero Run. Unfortunately my brain has been so full with everything else lately that I forgot to register, and forgot to assemble a costume. So I’m not actually running. Some friends rented a picnic grove, so I’ll be socializing instead.

A friend of mine is in from Philly, so we’ll be going out for fancy dinner at Green Forest Churrascaria with her tomorrow night. Also, tomorrow night is Art All Night! It’s a non-juried all night art show, open to anyone who wants to participate. It is one of my favorite events of the year.

I’ve been seriously lacking on relaxation time lately. Lucky for me, Groupon was running a special on a facial + massage at a local Aveda salon. I couldn’t resist. Now I will just need to remember to schedule my appointment.

This post would be way better with pictures, but I didn’t take any. Oops.


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