WHERE has my summer gone

5 Aug

I am still stuck in March. It is now August, the END of summer.
Back to school time is swinging in to high gear (my FAVORITE time of the year for 20+ years of my life…now no new school, but an excuse for shopping)

Every weekend has been busy, I know I’ve been doing things, but in hindsight can’t tell what, so here’s my list of things I’d do this summer if time were no object

  • Visit the Pittsburgh Zoo
  • Go Kayaking
  • Take a trip to Kennywood (and have some potato patch fries)
  • Go to the beach
  • Watch some movies in Schenley Park (probably won’t happen this year, since taking the kid out to “watch” a movie at any time, much less after her bedtime, is guaranteed misery)
  • Take the baby to play on the swingset at the park
  • Go swimming at the JCC family park
  • Buy fruits and veggies at a farmers market
  • Go to a swanky benefit party
  • Drink frozen cosmo’s on the patio of the Harris Grill
  • Spend a morning on the porch sipping coffee
  • Go to Steelers Training Camp (probably going to miss it this year, the nighttime practice is tomorrow, and my training camp buddy is on her honeymoon)
  • Go rollerblading (also perhaps not this year, the trail I usually go on is under construction and very gravelly)
  • Go for a long bike ride in Moraine State Part
  • Make some tasty grilled zucchini and tofu
  • Make a few trips to the Children’s Museum
  • Have a pleasant morning at Bach Beethoven & Brunch in Mellon Park
  • Get in the routine of going running a few times a week (ha ha ha, not happening anytime soon)

In hindsight I’m not doing too badly, but autumn looms ahead. Gotta get moving, can’t let this summer go to waste.


One Response to “WHERE has my summer gone”

  1. Sandy August 9, 2011 at 1:58 am #

    I will do the bike ride and frozen cosmos with you! Possibly on the same day!

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