Lazy Sunday (2, no 6, no 12…BAKER’S DOZEN!)

7 Aug

1. The Limited must be reading this blog. I stopped in there while on a get-me-out-of-the-house-before-I-lose-it outing today, and found 2 nice shirts and a cardigan all on sale, all work appropriate, and all not dumpy looking. Nice.

2.  My family is usually not in the house on the weekends. We go to the Children’s Museum, the park, friends’ houses, Costco and Target (ok we go to each of those like twice a week), and are generally out and about all over the place all weekend long.  On Friday, however, Baby Beez came home from daycare with pinkeye.  Which means that we took her to the Doctor’s office yesterday, and have kept her indoors the whole rest of the weekend.  She’s too little to understand “keep your germy hands to yourself”.  Yesterday was a kind of nice forced rest.  Today I needed to get out (see: mall outing above).  The way she’s been SCREAMING every time we put drops in her eyes, the neighbors probably think we’re torturing a cat.  And we’ve got 5 more days of eyedrops to go.

3.  I am watching Eat Pray Love and somewhat hating it, and somewhat wanting to go to the fancy grocery store and eat all the cheese and olives and bread.  I netflixed this movie because my friend (since 3rd grade!) Jen has a little part in it.  Look, there’s Jen! Of her in the movie! As portrayed in People Magazine! In a picture I totally ripped off her blog!

This movie is terrifying to me, because it is all the stereotype ridden globetrotting uppermiddle/lowerupper class white lady midlife crisis I’m afraid I may have someday.  I wouldn’t ditch my husband over it, but I can just see myself at 40 pleading with him to take “spiritual” trips to places full of other midlife crisis people like ourselves.  Complete with fanny pack.

4. On the topic of travels, my wheels are spinning in full gear on future adventures.  We have a family long weekend at the beach coming up! And then in a few weeks, I’m adventuring with BlueScissors76 to Philly to visit friends and eat 158 cheesesteaks. We took a family trip to Orlando in July that didn’t really feel very vacation-y, so I’m not feeling fully vacationed this year.  I’m hoping maybe we can do a family trip to Las Vegas over Christmas.

My mother has been talking about going to Prague for the last like 5 years, and it looks like next year that trip may finally happen.  I also threw out an idea to Mike of taking a “surprise” vacation next year–blocking out a specific time in our schedules for a vacation, but not booking it until shortly ahead of time on a “last minute deal” kind of thing.  However, we’ve also talked about doing a long weekend in Paris (there are direct Pittsburgh-to-Paris flights in the summer that aren’t priced badly), and I’ve also been wanting to show him Augsburg, Germany where I lived in 2002.  Any of these would require coordination of childcare with my mom, because I’m not taking a transatlantic flight with an almost-2-year-old.


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