14 Aug

BATMAN is filming in downtown Pittsburgh right now!

Word on the street is that traffic was miserable on Friday, and that for many, the 5 minute drive out of town took nearly 2 hours.  I was on vacation on Friday, sitting on the BEACH instead of sitting in my car and swearing at the rusted out Impala in front of me, moving nowhere.  I win.

Batman Returns will forever and ever and ever be my most favorite Batman.

Tim Burton! Danny DeVito! A giant yellow duck! Everything about Batman Returns is the BEST. Except for the part where the Penguin bites off that guys nose, because that part is gross.

Michele Pfeiffer was a perfect Catwoman.

Instead of any of the other 18,000 Batman villains they could pick for a debut performance, they’re giving us CatWoman again.  Except this time, it’s Anne Hathaway.


I”ll give Hathaway credit for her excellent work in Rachel Getting Married (note: don’t watch that movie if you are getting married in the near future. I learned the hard way that it will dramatically magnify your OMG-WEDDING-STRESS), but all of her other work bores me to tears.  Here’s to hoping she doesn’t destroy the franchise.


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