personal style

22 Aug

The first step in identifying and developing my personal style is to articulate my inspiration, and what kind of “look” I want to express.  The adjectives I thought of immediately were “classic” and “polished.”  I don’t intend (or want) to appear dressed up all the time, but I want to look consistently nice and well put together.  I’d like to branch out into wearing more color, and being more adventurous with textures and prints.  Structured pieces tend to look better on me, and although I do like ruffles and flowing accents, I want to avoid drapey, flowy, tent-y clothing as much as possible.

Although I’m not too keen on her as an actress, Zooey Deschanel’s style is enviable.  I love how everything she wears looks so pretty and polished, and also whimsical.

My other inspiration is the “Mad Men” office look.  Banana Republic now has a Mad Men line that I just love.

The tricky part is readjusting my wardrobe without buying all new clothes.  I plan to pick up some new pieces here and there, but I don’t have endless funds to buy everything I want.  I did pick up two new dresses on ideeli this week.

I’m extremely excited about this little Ellen Tracy gem.

And I can’t wait until this Calvin Klein number arrives.


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    […] special on Friday, I picked up the Mad Men Collection Lace dress at an excellent price.  I have an Ellen Tracy dress in red that is cut very similarly, and I love love love […]

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