better blogging

25 Aug

PodCamp Pittsburgh is coming up on September 17 and 18.




I first heard of the event last year, shortly after it took place, so it was too late for me to attend.  The conference hits on all forms of social media, and although I’m not interested in podcasts or twitter (I really really hate twitter), I would be interested in learning how to be a better blogger and how to capture a wider audience.

Confession: I LOVE reading my site visit stats.  I felt like it was a huge accomplishment when after writing for several years at my old blog, I hit 3,000 views.  I’m starting at ground level again, and probably because of my ridiculous ego, I’d like to see my viewer stats climb.

I won’t be able to attend PodCamp Pittsburgh this year, either, because that is the weekend I’m visiting Philly with Sandy.  (If you’ve ever tried to schedule a weekend getaway between two women who work full time, have kids, and one of whom has a husband who works on Saturdays, you will understand why rescheduling the trip is NOT an option).  Luckily last year the panel discussions were posted online.  This year I’m sure they’ll do the same.  Although I’ll miss out on the networking aspect of the conference, I’ll at least be able to learn from the speakers.


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