party time

27 Aug

Today is Baby Beez’ first birthday party.

She doesn’t turn 1 until Labor Day, but we are having the party early because people like to go out of town for Labor Day weekend.  Her party is a very casual picnic at a local park.  The weather seems to be cooperating. That’s good….I didn’t have a rain plan, and we can’t move the party to our house because the basement carpet is all ripped up thanks to last week’s flooding, and the place still smells like mildew.

The party luckily takes minimal preparation.  We picked up Sesame Street decorations last weekend, I’m going to Costco to get food this morning, and we’ve got cake for grown ups and a smash cake for Baby Beez.

Even though I’ve been too busy to even THINK about the party, I have party anxiety. I’m worried I forgot to invite someone, or that some friends might be annoyed or disinterested about attending a 1 year old’s party.  Thanks to college, law school, synagogue, and being busy around Pittsburgh generally, I’ve got a number of different groups of friends, and the circles intersect at different places.  I get worked up over the “oh if I invite this person, I need to invite these other three people, etc etc etc” line of thinking.

I keep reminding myself that THIS IS A 1 YEAR OLD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.  They are usually small family parties anyway. When have I ever gotten offended about not being invited to a 1 year old’s birthday party? (answer: never). So if I missed someone on the invitation list, IT WILL BE FINE.  We’re not talking about a high society, black tie party. This is a picnic in the park, with Sesame Street cake plates. CHILL OUT.


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