Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

2 Sep

As I dropped this DVD into my player, I was wondering whether the AFI Top 100 movies really exhibit the best American cinema has to offer, or whether these were all the popular films from the reviewers’ childhoods, and they picked them out of nostalgia.

Singin’ in the Rain answered this question handily.

This is one good movie.

My synopsis won’t do the film justice, because the plot is only one small component of the whole film. This film is entertainment. The singing! The dancing! The bright lights! Sure, there’s a story, but THE SINGING! THE DANCING! THE BRIGHT LIGHTS!

Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are film stars in the silent pictures.  The tabloids believe they’re also deeply in love…but it’s actually all a show and Don detests Lina.  Don by happenstance meets Kathy and they fall wildly in love within 20 minutes.  The talkie pictures come to Hollywood, but Lina’s screeching, obnoxious voice ruins their first attempt at a talkie film.  Don, his pal Cosmo, and Kathy pull together a plan to remake the film as a musical, and splice in Kathy’s voice in place of Lina’s. Leading up to the film’s opening, Lina has done all kinds of vile things to steal all the credit and shove Kathy out of the limelight.  At the film’s wildly successful premier, Lina makes another ham-handed attempt to steal all the glory for herself, and her fame crumbles (deliciously) all around her.

Since this is a happy film, Don gets his girl, and everything is right and the world is wonderful. Hooray!

So that episode in Glee where Mr. Shu’s dreadful wife is talking about how Singin’ in the Rain is Mr. Shu’s favorite movie when he’s sick, and it always makes him feel better….that totally makes sense. This film is so light, and happy, and wonderful and fun. It can only make you feel better.

Even Mr. Beez ASKED ME TO PAUSE IT WHEN HE HAD TO STEP OUT OF THE ROOM. He liked this movie! He hates almost every movie I pick out!


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