Hanna (2011)

12 Sep

I was only mildly interested in Hanna from the first reviews I saw, but when it got such high marks on Filmspotting, I added it to my “Must See” list.  I’m so glad I did.

The film is exciting and fun. I was engaged enough in it that I actually watched the movie without being on my computer the whole time.

Hanna has spent her life in the Arctic, under her father’s tutelage, learning to fight and kill.  But she is also growing up, and she tells her father that she is ready for her mission.  She flips a switch, and there’s no going back.  She her enemy, CIA officer Marissa Wiegler, are set in motion, and it can only end in death.

Hanna has been isolated from the world through her entire childhood.  Everything is a new discovery for her, but she’s not Ariel combing her hair with a fork– Hanna is smart and she adapts quickly.  Saoirse Ronan (I love that name, her name because it makes me think of Sorsha) gives a stellar performance, always believable.

Cate Blanchett was also great, but there were times when you saw Cate, and not Marissa Wiegel. Still, she exudes cruelty– this woman makes teeth brushing terrifying.

The Chemical Brothers’ score was perfect.  The music pulls you right in.  It’s the kind of music that gets your pulse moving, this soundtrack might make a good workout playlist.

There are a few hokey moments– when Hanna makes her first friend, and how Hanna unravels the whole mystery of her background in one visit to an internet cafe.  Otherwise, the film is brilliant.


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