Girls & Sports

14 Sep

I dread the day when Baby Beez begs for Disney Princess toys.  We give her a huge variety of toys– dump trucks, blocks, dolls, dinosaurs, all kinds of things.  I am not opposed to her playing with “girly” toys, but I don’t want her thinking that she should play with “girly” toys just because she’s a girl.  I know that with her going to daycare, and eventually school, and playing with lots of other kids from lots of other backgrounds, Princess Fever may well set in eventually.  For now, I think back on the day I went to pick her up at daycare, and she was pushing a toy car around all over the floor, and it warms my little Grinch heart.

I have a shopping habit that involves me religiously window shopping HauteLook, ideeli, Rue La La, and zulily every day.  Today Zulily offered Go! Go! Sports Girls  I love that the toys are promoting girls’ participation in sports simply for the joy of the game.

I initially intended to criticize So Go! Go! Sports Girls for inadequate diversity, by having only one black basketball player doll.  The Go! Go! Sports Girls page, though, shows that they have also added a black soccer player.  Lets hope they continue to add diversity to their lineup.  As I see more and more Muslim women around Pittsburgh wearing the hijab, and think about the Orthodox women at my gym jogging on the treadmills in their long skirts, I think dolls like this would be an excellent opportunity to show racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity.

I especially like that the profiles of the individual dolls focus on the girls’ love for their respective sports, and living healthy lifestyles.  There isn’t a single word about looking pretty, or impressing boys, or makeup.

I like that the inclusion of running and golf mix up the more traditionally female sports of softball, gymnastics, and dance.  I would like to see some dolls representative of girls participating in more aggressive sports like martial arts. Sure, there are more girls at ballet class than at judo class, but these kinds of dolls could encourage girls to broaden their horizons.


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