Girls’ Weekend!

19 Sep

I haven’t updated since Friday because I was extra-busy having a glorious Girls’ Weekend in Philly.  Sandy and I traveled to the City of Brotherly Love to visit several of our law school pals. I also accomplished one of my 30 before 30 goals— a Philly Food Tour.  A couple of companies offer organized tours, but we put this together on our own. Wow, did we eat.  I lost 3 pounds for the first Biggest Loser weigh-in…and now I’ve put it all back and then some. But it was all so so worth it.

On the way to Philly we stopped at the Sidling Hill Rest Area to visit their Farmers’ Market.

Here is lovely Sandy modeling a pattypan squash.

After 34987298374 hours in the car and 15 bathroom breaks, we finally made it to Philly. We wasted no time, and got directly to eating (unfortunately for Sandy, she’s on a super restrictive gluten free diet, so while I got to enjoy all kinds of goodies, she got to have brown rice cakes and spinach juice.  She may remember the food parts of this vacation less fondly than I).

We started our culinary adventure with lunch at Tria.   From our sidewalk table, we sipped wine and watched all the skinny-jeans-boat-shoes-and-scarf-wearing hipsters slink by.  It was very European feeling.

The roast duck salad was very tasty, but the Riesling was divine.

We all got palm readings. The psychic foresees me moving somewhere in the future, but not far away. I hope this is a move to a house with air conditioning. The psychic also told me that I have a secret admirer, but that Mr. Beez is really the one for me. She says I’m living to the age of 88 or 89, and I’m supposed to come into money soon. I can live with that.

After spending some time relaxing at Aubrey’s, we met up for dinner at Vintage Wine Bar.

Here you can see the remnants of the Charcuterie Plate we destroyed, and my delicious delicious plate of mussels.

Saturday was serious business eating and sightseeing.

Next we visited the Liberty Bell.

We met up with our friends Ed and HeLen, and their adorable 9 month old son, for a delicious brunch at Distrito.  Distrito features delicious and creative Mexican food, clever decor, and spicy bloody marys!

Our Philly Trip would NOT be complete without some cheesesteaks. Because we take our sandwiches seriously, we picked up cheesesteaks at both Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s.

Aubrey and I agreed–Pat’s IS the King of Steaks.

And because a food tour wouldn’t be complete without dessert, we also stopped at Pumpkin Market for decadent pumpkin ice cream (and for Sandy to also get dinner, since the food choices we were making were not Sandy-friendly).

We finished the night with champagne, the Emmy’s, and Emmy Bingo!

Sandy almost got a Bingo! and Aubrey got the most picks right. I think I got only one pick right. True to form, I was snoring on the couch at like 10pm. I’m extra excited about doing Oscar Bingo! this year. I spend ALL YEAR looking forward to the Oscars.


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