weekend, commence!

23 Sep

Golfing was a success! I had a fun team, and had a great time.  I golfed 4 holes, and then it started raining, so I refused to leave the golf cart.  My other team members are much more enthusiastic golfers, so they didn’t mind hitting for me.  I got some good golfing tips (if only I could remember them the next time I golf).

And I wasn’t a total golfing failure– we used my ball once! Hooray!

I won a Steely McBeam Pillow Pet at the golf outing raffle. Baby Beez loves pillows and snuggly toys, but she was a little unsure about Steely (for obvious reasons).

This is a busy weekend coming up.  I’m going to see Justice Scalia give a speech tomorrow afternoon, and then going to OUTrageous bingo.  Crazy conservatives and drag queens all in one day. PERFECT.


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