Shiloh Grill (Mount Washington, Pittsburgh, PA)

25 Sep

After working ourselves up into a tizzy over Scalia’s speech, Christine and I cooled down with a visit to The Shiloh Grill.  The Shiloh Grill is run by the same people who run local Shadyside favorite, The Harris Grill. I have a love/hate relationship with The Harris.  The atmosphere is fabulous, and the porch (if you can get a seat) is divine, but both the food and service are hit or miss.  I’ve attended a few private parties at The Harris, and they’ve done a consistently excellent job, but when it’s business as usual you don’t know if you’re going to get attentive service and a delicious meal, or be forgotten about for 45 minutes and end up with a rubbery sandwich.

I was impressed by The Shiloh, and the next time I’m craving a frozen cosmo, I’ll mosey on over there instead of The Harris.

The menu and ambiance is essentially the same as The Harris. The Shiloh, however, has a small private parking lot and on-street parking is easy enough to find nearby.  I often steer clear of Shadyside (and The Harris) because I don’t want to deal with hunting for a place to leave my car.  The Shiloh resolves that problem nicely.

We started off with Fresh Fried Cheese Balls, which were like savory-cheese filled doughnuts with a tangy mustard sauce.  They are rich and greasy and delicious.  I had a Lemony-Tea (a spiked Arnold Palmer), which was refreshing and not too strong but not too weak either.  Christine ordered a Creamsicle, which they were inexplicably out of…and ended up with a Root Beer Float martini thing instead.  She didn’t care for it, and I’m not sure if they brought her the wrong drink, or if the description on the menu isn’t clear enough, but it just wasn’t what we pictured it to be.

I ordered the Delmonico A Go Go sandwich. I expected it to basically be a cheesesteak, but it was so so much better. It was a for-real steak on a soft baguette, loaded with cheese and onions and peppers.  It was fantastic. I want another one now.

Christine had the Aw. You’re Pullin’ my Pork sandwich.  She said the pulled pork itself was good, but the sauce was too smokey.  If they went a little lighter on the liquid smoke, she would have enjoyed it thoroughly.

The Shiloh also has a nicely sized private room. I’m going to keep it in mind for the next bridal shower or baby shower I host (someone have a baby so I can throw a party!)

Neat fact: The Shiloh Grill is located in what used to be Mrs. Soffel’s house.  It is said that her ghost makes an appearance from time to time.


One Response to “Shiloh Grill (Mount Washington, Pittsburgh, PA)”

  1. Dan McCullough September 25, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    I love it when you find out some place has an unexpected historical context. The food sounds great, too. Love pulled pork and also steak sandwiches. Will have to check this place out next time I’m passing the Pittsburgh. Thanks for your post!

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