efforts at becoming fashionable

2 Oct

I spent all my moneys at the mall yesterday in my continuing fashionizing efforts.  I’ve bought a few new dresses, but not much else.  Since I’m not made of hundred dollar bills, I need to think carefully how I spend my clothes-money.

After spending months and months thinking about how I need to bring my saggy-butt pants to the cleaners and get them TAILORED, I finally brought them there.  Hopefully, once they’re done, I’ll look more polished and put-together.

The questions that are guiding my shopping decisions are:

(1) Does this look “polished” and “classic” (obviously, my theme of choice)?

(2) Is this piece versatile, and can I use it in multiple ensembles?

(3) Is this something truly new to my wardrobe (since I have a habit of buying the same kind of thing over and over)?

(4) Is this piece not stupid expensive, or if expensive, is it really truly worth the price?

I don’t have many accessories. Since I can’t buy a new wardrobe every season, I am working on updating my look by building on basic clothing with pretty, classy, and at times daring accessories.

Although New York & Co.’s accessories aren’t the highest quality, they are inexpensive, fun, and NY&Co carries a huge variety.  I had a 40% off coupon for today, and also got $30 in NY&Co bucks for later use.  Today I picked up:

A wide belt and a skinny belt.  I own neither, and they can go a long way to dressing up a sweater or blouse.

  A few new pair of earrings.

And a couple of new necklaces.  I need to challenge myself with being more daring with necklaces, and I’d really like to get a unique and daring bib necklace.   Bracelets aren’t realistic for me, because I type a lot during the day.  I would like to get some fun rings, as well.

When I was pregnant with Baby Beez, my feet got so enormous that for several months I could only wear crocs and flip flops.  After having Baby Beez, my shoe size was about 3/4 of a size larger than before pregnancy.  Now, the shoes I bought post-pregnancy that fit very well, are flying off my feet, flinging about, and tripping me.  My feet have gone back down in size, if not to their pre-pregnancy size, at least seemingly close to it.

This of course means MORE SHOE SHOPPING!  My day to day work shoe is a basic black nine west wedge. I suppose I could get adventurous and try something different, but I stomp and stomp and decimate the heels of pumps.  Wedges are more comfortable, and stand up much better for me.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So here are my old Nine West work shoes (below) and my new Nine West work shoes (above). Yup, same shoes, different size.  The old ones are regular leather and the new ones are patent, so they’re not identical…but pretty close.

My casual shoes are sneakers, sneakers, and sneakers.  In the fall and winter, my black boots are my all-purpose shoes, but I think my wardrobe would benefit with black flats that I can wear with skirts, suits, or jeans.

Talbots has patent leather pointy toe flats that are exactly what I’m looking for, but they cost $99, which is more than I want to spend.  I’m staying on the lookout for something that’s basically the same as those shoes, just less expensive.


One Response to “efforts at becoming fashionable”

  1. Lindsay October 3, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

    Love all the purchased!!

    I’ve been wanting to get one/some belts lately – I love the look of a belt around a top to created a slimlined look. Especially over a cardigan.

    Necklaces are awesome for dressing up outfits and simple pieces. If you have an outlet nearby, look for Ann Taylor Loft Outlet – they have awesome sales!

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