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5 Oct

1. Breakfast

I spent my entire childhood hating Cream of Wheat.  Within the last year, I discovered the revelation of GRITS. Of course, Grits are salty/cheesy/corny/whatever-savory-flavory Cream of Wheat, but they are DELICIOUS.

My favorite deskside breakfast is now cheesy grits.  This is the incredibly intricate recipe:

Mix Instant Grits with hot water (the box will tell you how much).

Unwrap Babybel light cheese, and throw the cheese wheel in the bowl with the grits. (I make this before I have my coffee. Yes, I need the reminder to unwrap the cheese.)

Microwave 30 seconds, then eat.

Warning: This will result in obnoxious cheese film all over your bowl, which is a pain to clean. This breakfast is ideal if you can find someone else to wash your dishes.

2. Lunch

I went to DiBella’s for the first time yesterday. I had “The Godfather”– Genoa Salami, Capicola, and Spicy Ham.

It’s not going replace Uncle Sam’s Subs as my favorite Pittsburgh Sandwich joint (DiBella’s is from Rochester, NY anyway…) but they have tasty tasty sandwiches.  I’d certainly brave a winter weather walk to Market Square to get myself a DiBella’s sandwich.  I ate so much that I was braindead for most of the afternoon.

3. Dinner

Real Simple has a fantastic feature this month of a month’s worth of fast and easy dinners, complete with weekly shopping lists.

I plan to use this as my crutch for my Month Without Takeout for my 30 before 30 project.  There are a few recipes that look amazing, a few that look so-so, but they all keep my interest enough that I don’t think I’d have to modify the menus.  Since the menus are designed to feed 4, hopefully this will take care of packed lunches too (unless Mr. Beez and I seriously chow down…which is a possibility).  Now I need to pick a good month to undertake this endeavor.  November could be a good month.  My birthday is that month, but I think I can make an exception for that.  December would be a terrible month with the holidays and the parties.  January’s another contender, because by that point everyone is partied out, and it’s too cold to bother to leave the house anyway.


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