Banana Republic Mad Men Collection Lace Dress

16 Oct

When I was probably in Junior High, I went into Wet Seal and saw several outfits I wanted desperately. Not surprisingly for a junior high kid, I didn’t have munch money.  I saved my babysitting pennies, and a few months later I went back to the store, dinero in my hot little hand, and all of the outfits I wanted were gone.

Even though I understand on some conceptual level that fashion changes and stores vary their inventories, I’m still stupidly caught off guard when (after my usual endless deliberation over whether such-and-such a purchase is a valuable use of my money), I get back to the store and whatever I wanted is no longer in stock.

I should have expected that Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection would be short lived, but I expected it to be a line Banana Republic carried for at least a few seasons.  Nope, a few straggler pieces remain in clearance now, but then it looks like it’s done.

Now that the collection is slashed to clearance prices, and because Banana Republic was running a coupon special on Friday, I picked up the Mad Men Collection Lace dress at an excellent price.  I have an Ellen Tracy dress in red that is cut very similarly, and I love love love it.

The lace makes the dress a little fancy, and since it’s in white, it will be perfect for wearing with fun shoes. I can probably even wear it for special events, because the lace is dressy.  Obviously, I don’t have qualms about wearing white after Labor Day.


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