The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

18 Oct

When I was a law student and an itty bitty baby lawyer (now I’m more like a kindergarten lawyer), I loved to watch lawyer movies and Law & Order and all kinds of law themed stuff.  Now, when I get home from a day full of law law law, I like to watch shows about food or wedding dresses (or both).  I netflixed The Lincoln Lawyer on on a day when I was shoving everything remotely new on my Netflix queue.  I wasn’t drawn to this movie in particular, but Matthew McConaughey is easy on the eyes, so what the hay.

My life as a lawyer is not full of mystery and intrigue and corruption like renegade defense attorney Mick Haller…and I’ve got plenty of friends who do criminal law, and I don’t think their lives are this exciting either.  The movie was fun the story quickly drew you in–even Mr. Beez (who dislikes almost everything but sci fi) asked for the movie to be paused when he ran upstairs to get a drink.  That, my friends, is a compliment.

The synopsis of the film is that bad boy lawyer with a heart full o’justice Haller is hired to defend a pretty rich boy (played by pretty rich boy Ryan Phillipe) who SWEARS he is innocent of brutally beating a woman, and SWEARS that the accusations are all a setup…but then boy oh boy everything goes WILD and Haller is in over his head.

That’s a terrible synopsis. That is why I’m a lawyer, not a film critic (except I play one on the internets).

I am slow, and i didn’t realize until I read the wikipedia summary that he’s called the Lincoln Lawyer because Haller’s office is his Lincoln.  (Note, I also have a bad habit of reading the wikipedia summary about 10 minute into EVERY movie, because after about 10 minutes I’m impatient to know how it ends). There you have it folks.  Mystery solved. (I am the only one for whom this was a mystery).

Marisa Tomei is  in the movie as Haller’s ex-wife, who also happens to be a prosecutor.  I can’t possibly be the only person who hears Tomei through her My Cousin Vinnie voice every time she opens her mouth…This movie was good, but it would have been great if they gave Tomei a leather jacket, a can of Aqua Net and a wad of gum.


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