Halloween’s last gasps…

31 Oct

Halloween is wrapping up…boooo 😦  I wore festive black and orange today, in celebration, and I ate a lot of candy.  Trick or treating began in our neighborhood at 5:30. I rushed out from work early, swung by Costco and got a huge bag of candy.  We had all of SEVEN kids come by, so now I’ve got about 5 pounds of candy to eat.  I got good candy too– a chocolate mix of M&M’s, Milky Way, and the KING of Halloween Treats– MINI KIT KAT. Yum.

Baby Beez had a Halloween party at her daycare this morning.  They sang songs, played with stickers, and played with musical instruments.

It’s amazing how much bigger this little monkey is than last Halloween.  Last Halloween, she was a sad bumblebee, and a frog.


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