2 Nov

The When I Grow Up blog posted recently about a woman who runs a business as a Re-Stylist.  I LOVE this idea.  I don’t want to be a re-stylist, but I desperately would love to have an appointment with one.  She goes through your closet with you, piece by piece, and helps you decide what pieces to toss, what pieces to keep, and best yet: HOW TO BEST USE THOSE PIECES.  The best part is that she puts together a look book for you, using the clothes you already have, and suggests additional necessary pieces!

When I buy an article of clothing, I usually have a specific idea of how I’m going to use that piece in an outfit.  Then I wear that same outfit over and over and over.  I have a lot of difficulty mix-and-matching things, and putting together new or different outfits using those pieces.  Some help with assembling what I have into new outfits would be invaluable for me!

If anyone knows of Re-styling services offered in Pittsburgh, please let me know…or if you’re just fashionable and creative and want to go through my closet with me, feel free to give a shout 🙂

Completely gratuitous picture of Presley Skye “Lindsay” dress, because I like it. (And because my husband reads this blog and he will be shopping for Hanukkah soon…)


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