GoodTaste Pittsburgh

5 Nov

Since I was very productive last night and this morning, and got a good chunk of my work done, I felt justified in taking an outing to visit GoodTaste Pittsburgh.  I believe this is the event’s 7th year, but I had only heard about it very recently.  I can’t remember where I first learned about it, but it was probably listed on one or more of the Pittsburgh-themed twitter feeds I read.

I brought Baby Beez with me.  She likes snacks, and I knew there would be food there to sample, so I thought it wouldn’t be a total nightmare.  I was right, mostly because I kept stuffing her full of mini muffins, crackers, cheerios, etc. etc. etc, which she certainly did not mind.


I expected it to be a cooking-themed home show, which it more or less was.  There were some local food vendors, many of them mustards and dips, and the usual gutter shield and home remodeling places you see at every home show.  There were lots of food samples (YUM), and almost every vendor was giving out something-or-other for free.

The absolute best part was that there was a WINE SECTION.  Mr. Beez was not interested in this event at all, and in fact he was at the office being all diligent-like. As soon as I walked in, I saw the wine section, and called him and said “THEY HAVE WINE” and he said “ok, I’ll be there.”

While we were waiting for Mr. Beez to arrive, Baby Beez and I went to the talk being put on by Nathan Engels, one of the coupon people from TLC’s Extreme Couponers show.

Mr. Beez and I guiltily love that show, although we don’t actually use coupons because we don’t have time to look for them in the paper, much less cut them and organize them, much less think about what we’re going to eat much beyond the next meal.  I did use coupons in college, and did save a good chunk of money with them…but I don’t see myself getting organized enough to try that again anytime soon.

If you’re interested, Nathan Engels’ helpful tips were: shop around at a bunch of stores for the best prices, watch the patterns of when things go on sale, and buy more than you need and freeze it for later use.

After I drank 83 sample frozen pumpkin spice mochas from Sheetz, Mr. Beez finally arrived and it was time to taste some wine!

There were about 10 small family-run wineries there sampling their wares.  They were heavy on the sweet and white wines (we are dry and red drinkers), but we did find some that we really liked.  Mr. Beez was especially happy because one of his favorite varietals is Marechal Foch, and one of the wineries had it.  We don’t find Marechal Foch around that often (we’re not actively out seeking for it all the time, though), but it was nice to learn that this winery has a store pretty close to our house and stocks it regularly. Hooray!

Baby Beez got bored of the wine section, because there’s not much to do in there when you’re 14 months old.  We moved on to visit the rest of the show, and fill our bellies with more food and more food and more food.

Baby Beez in the egg chair.

After a few hours at the show, and full bellies, we headed home fat and happy.

The stash I accumulated from the show: Presque Isle Wine (Dornfelder), Heritage Wine Cellars Wine (Marechal Foch), and La Courette wine (Cabernet Sauvignon), 2 five hour energy drinks (free!…but they kind of scare me, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with them), a Rivers casino t-shirt (free!), a swiss army knife (free!), a bag of Thomas pumpkin spice bagels (free!), and coupons and a $10 gift card to the Tanger outlets (free!).  A pretty good haul.

It was a fun event, and it was nice to have an unexpected wine tasting with local wineries.  I liked that it was a fairly small event (compared to the shows they have at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center), we spent a couple hours there and covered everything we wanted to see.  I look forward to it coming around next year.


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