Ceremonials, Florence and the Machine (2011)

8 Nov

If there is one thing I’m NOT qualified to be, it’s a music critic.  All the musical talent in my family bypassed me, and went directly to my brothers.  Sometimes Mr. Beez likes to play a game called “Name that Instrument” when we’re listening to the radio.  I can consistently identify piano, drums, and cowbell. If it’s anything else, I guess trumpet, because Mr. Beez (as a trumpeter) usually picks trumpets so he can show off by naming the mute being used.

I’m still getting the hang of Spotify.  I think Pandora’s radio stations are better when I want a mix of things.  When I’m in the mood for David Bowie, and actually want to HEAR David Bowie, I like Spotify better because it lets you listen to full albums and doesn’t insist that the Rolling Stones are an acceptable substitute for Bowie (which they are not).  I do not, however, like that Spotify advertises everything I listen to on my facebook wall, because when it comes to music, I tend to gravitate to the ridiculous and embarassing.

I was perusing Spotify’s “newly added” listing, and upon learning that Boyz II Men just re-released CooleyHighHarmony, I did what any self-respecting woman in her right mind would do, and listened to Motownphilly 15 times.  Baby Beez and the birds began to doubt that I knew anything about chillin’ on South Street, and started to raise a racket, so it was time for something new.

Florence & the Machine’s new album, Ceremonials, is available on Spotify to listen to in full.  I had no idea who Florence & the Machine was until Florence Welch performed at the Grammy’s.  She’s got pipes.  I have been known to sing along loudly and off key with “The Dog Days are Over,” and this past weekend I saw (and enjoyed) the music video for “Shake it Out,” so I knew this record had something good in store.

Ceremonials is a perfect album for a long car drive, or for keeping your brain motivated while you’re getting some work done.  If I had a better music-related vocabulary, I could properly explain why I liked the album, but I don’t, so you’re stuck with “This is great! Listen to it!”

I could definitely see Ceremonials booting Madonna’s True Blue out of the coveted honor of “only CD in my car’s CD player because I’m too lazy to change it.”

I’m now keeping an eye out for Florence & the Machine’s US Tour dates (note: none in the vicinity of Pittsburgh currently booked).   I’m sure they’d be a great band to see live.  One of my very few complaints about the ‘burgh is that its live music scene could  use some improvement (sidenote: I am super-sad that I missed Fitz & the Tantrums at Mr. Small’s last night. I hope they come by again soon).


2 Responses to “Ceremonials, Florence and the Machine (2011)”

  1. dcangah November 8, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    I found Florence & The Machine on Spotify also, and I like her stuff! I think Amazon had the latest for 4.99 (MP3 album). I might buy it.

  2. beezuskiddo November 8, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    Ha, my thought after listening to the album was “I like this so much that I would pay for real money for it!”

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