9 Nov

Baby Beez is a fantastic sleeper.  She’s been sleeping through the night for ages, and even if she’s disturbed, she easily falls back to sleep.

The tough thing about my job and her being so little is that she is ready for bed at about 7:30 pm, but I don’t have a whole lot of time between getting home from work and her bedtime to hang out with her.  We make the best of the evening time, playing with her toys and me generally letting her destroy the house.  When it’s my bedtime, though, I pick her up out of the crib and bring her into the grown up bed, and snuggle with her for about 10 minutes.

She sleeps through the whole thing, and snores her little baby snores.  After our few minutes of snuggles, I return her to her crib, where she rolls onto her belly, and puts her thumb in her mouth, and she gets back to her snores.

These are some of the best moments of my day.


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