My Hanukkah Wish List

14 Nov

Mr. Beez and I have the exciting ritual of telling one another EXACTLY what to buy for Hanukkah. (Note: 8 days of Hanukkah, so we get 8 presents).  We are both practical people, and want to buy one another presents that we love and use.  The easiest way to accomplish this is with a list that is specific as possible.  No, it doesn’t take the magic out of unwrapping presents if you already know what’s in the package….because even if I didn’t tell Mr. Beez exactly what to buy, I’d secretly unwrap and peek at the presents ahead of time anyway. I have no patience.

Mr. Beez has been pestering me to get him the  darn list already, so here it is!

1.  A 2012 Bruegger’s bottomless coffee card! Mr. Beez got one of these for me for this year, and it has been great great great!  I use it nearly every day.  The weeks where they had Pumpkin Spice coffee were especially great, and I’m hoping they bring back the Golden French Toast coffee soon!

2. A Global Chef’s knife.  I have a chef’s knife but it’s less than stellar. The chef’s knife is the only knife I really use while cooking, so it would be a waste to get a whole knife set that I won’t use.  A good chef’s knife, however, will go a long way in my kitchen.

3. Blinc mascara. Simply the best mascara ever. EVER.  It is the original “tube” mascara. It feels ultra-light going on, and it doesn’t crumble or smear as the day wears on.

4. A So White LUSH bath bomb.  The apple scent is delicious.  Bonus– unlike other brightly colored, glitter-filled LUSH bath bombs, this one won’t stain the tub.

5.  Hope in a Jar Moisturizer, SPF 25.  Every time I see my doctor, she says “You wear sunblock every day, right?” and then I LIE to her, and say “of course!” (I LIE to my doctor about sunscreen. What is wrong with me?…is it a mitigating factor that I’m virtually never outside?)  Now that I am getting old and raisin-faced, it is time for me to use that sunscreen for real.  Hope in a Jar is the best moisturizer in the world, by far.  It smells fresh and feels weightless, never greasy.

6.  Sally Hansen nail polishes.  Sally Hansen has come out with a ton of really fun colors lately.  I know OPI is the big thing in nail polish, but I think Sally Hansen does just as well for way cheaper.  I love the Complete Salon Manicure and Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear.  I’m very tough on my hands, and these nail polishes hold up for a good long while.

7.  A digital alarm clock that is not ugly.  I use my cell phone as an alarm clock…but I realized the perils of that practice when I lost my cell phone for nearly 24 hours this weekend (while it was on silent, of course).

What I really  want is a Clocky, but Mr. Beez forbids me from bringing one in the house.

He said I’m welcome to have one, but I’ll have to sleep in the garage.

8. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.  My usual lip shade is chapstick.  I’d like to experiment with more bold lip colors, but I’m terrified I’ll look like some kind of clown.  This lip shade has gotten great press, and is said to be “universally flattering,” so I’d like to give it a try.

What is on your wish list for this holiday season?


3 Responses to “My Hanukkah Wish List”

  1. Nancy Potter (@nncypttr) November 14, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

    Black Honey is the best!!!!! Also check out the chubby sticks.

  2. sonbanon November 16, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    I’ve used Black Honey. The color is not for me but the lipstick is awesome in every other way (smooth going on, great wear, etc).

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