Excitement building for Salt of the Earth on Friday….

16 Nov

In case I haven’t already told you 57 other times, my birthday is on Friday (the big 2-9!)

Every birthday, Mr. Beez takes me out to dinner at the restaurant of my choice.  This choice is always an enormous struggle between trying something new, and having an extra-special always delicious dinner at my favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh: Bona Terra.

Of course the birthday meals are not just limited to one– I’m on the mailing list for Big Burrito and Mad Mex, so I get a coupon for a free birthday meal for each of them.  I used the Big Burrito coupon yesterday for a delicious lunch of roasted beet salad and paella at Kaya, and plan to have a fun dinner out at Mad Mex next week.

This year, we will be having my birthday dinner at Salt of the Earth.  Salt has been open probably a year or so now, so I feel way behind on the conversation about this innovative restaurant.  This morning, Pop City media added to my excitement– Salt’s Wild Salmon with Sea Beans and Buckwheat has been named by Food and Wine as one of the Top 10 Entrees of 2011.  I hope hope hope they have it on the menu for Friday!

Picture from Food & Wine


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