Adventure at the National Aviary

23 Nov

Mr. Beez and I have been members of the National Aviary in Pittsburgh since 2007.  We were even considering having our wedding there, but realized that a wedding in a wetland punctuated by squawks and at risk for “bombings” wasn’t exactly romantic.  It’s a fun place to hang out with birds for a couple of hours, and over the last few years they have added amazing new exhibits and shows.  Today was the first time we actually made it there with Baby Beez.

Baby Beez loves animals. All animals. She will run up to cats, dogs, birds, anything, and squeal with delight and try to SQUEEZE them.  We’ve gone to the zoo a couple times, but she has been more interested in people watching than animal watching.  I think this is because the animals are too far away for them to really catch her attention, and because we’ve made her stay in the stroller.

Today at the aviary, we let her run amok.  She squealed at the flamingos, waved “HI” to the penguins, and chased the victoria crowned pigeons.  It’s a great place to take young kids, because the can get up close with the birds, but the birds are super quick and will zoom away if the kids get too close.  A warning: your kid is afraid of loud noises, the aviary may be terrifying to him or her.  Our two LOUD birds at home have so sensitized Baby Beez to screeches and squawks, that she was enthralled by the huge rhinoceros hornbill yelling HONK HONK HONK.

Come back, my friend!


2 Responses to “Adventure at the National Aviary”

  1. soniabgill November 27, 2011 at 1:07 am #

    I visited the Aviary last year for the first time in more than 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised. This is coming from someone who is TERRIFIED of birds 🙂 (irrationally so!)

    • beezuskiddo November 27, 2011 at 9:35 am #

      Did you see any of the shows? They’re really good. The nice thing about the Aviary is that you get to walk amongst the birds, but they’re not all up in your face either.

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