Etsy statement necklace roundup

24 Nov

Etsy finds are hit or miss…sometimes the sellers have phenomenal photography skills, so even though the picture is GREAT, in real life the product is just not what you have in mind.  Although I have no problem being snarky toward ugly products that big manufacturers put out, Etsy is to personal and direct for me to say mean things about products there.  Also, Regretsy covers that base so much better than I ever could.

Since I’m incapable of doing one thing at a time, I browsed through Statement Necklaces on Etsy while watching Red last night (the Bruce Willis film from last year– it is hilarious, go watch it!).  Here are my favorite finds:

SilverLiningDecor’s Aqua Blue Glass Pearl Necklace

FripperyFrosting’s Vintage Brooch Flower Necklace

Lovisetto’s Butterfly Bib Necklace

RiRiFisch’s White Flower Necklace

HippieKingdom’s Retro Asymmetric Necklace

MissAnnieMay’s Chunky Pearl Choker


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