Window shopping for shoes

26 Nov

Like usual, I’m online window shopping for shoes.  The way I do this, you’d think that my closet would rival Imalda Marcos’…it doesn’t. I just like to look at shoes online. A lot. Can online shoe-browsing be considered a legitimate hobby?

Because it’s the holiday season, all the retailers are having DOORBUSTERS.  I swear I’ve gotten about 15 emails each day over the last week over these AMAZING SALES FOR MUST HAVE GIFTS.  The upside is that I’ve been online window shopping so darn much that I am getting shopping fatigue.  I’ve bought hardly anything, and already my desire to shop is petering out.  (This is hardly a problem for holiday gifts, since like way back in June I’ve had lists of what I want to buy each person, so there’s not much to “do” holiday-shopping-wise).

I’m about 10 years late on this trend, but I’m just now actually interested in Uggs.  They’ve been around so long that they’re not even a novelty anymore.  I never much liked the idea of pull-on boots, it seems like that would be uncomfortable or a hassle.  That is why I really like these Ugg Kenleys, that have a zipper up the side.  I also like that they’re in grey, I feel like grey is more versatile than black (you can wear it with navy! but still not with brown), and like black, can be either dressy or casual.

Last winter I completely destroyed my brown boots.  I’m on the lookout for new brown boots, but would also like to go with flat boots for a change.  My last 2 pair of brown boots have both had heels, which are nice, but my lazy feet are ready for something a little more comfortable.  I really like the Teva Jade Cove High Boot, and despite its brand, it doesn’t look like something you’d go tromping around in at summer camp.

In a completely different direction, I love these Miu Miu Gold Glitter Pumps.  I love the sparkle, and especially love the odd curvy shape.  There is a 0% chance that these shoes will ever show up in my closet.  In addition to costing multiple times over what I’m willing to shell out for a pair of shoes, I don’t think I’ve got the style or the courage to pull these off.

I’m also in love with Pollini’s Suede Tassel pumps.  I’m in love with almost any shoe in blue.


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