Memories of Barcelona

29 Nov

Even though the last few days have been mild, temperature wise, they’ve still been rainy and blah.  It’s times like these when I daydream back on sunny vacations.

Today I was thinking a lot about the wonderful Mediterranean honeymoon trip Mr. Beez and I took in 2009.  A few days in Barcelona was a highlight of that trip.  In addition to being beautiful and easily navigable, the city is just so friendly.  It feels completely livable.  There are so many places I’ve visited that I’ve thought were completely lovely, but perfect for a visit and then a return home.  Barcelona’s not like that– I could see myself staying there forever.

La Boqueria.  I could spend days and days and days here, going from vendor to vendor, snacking on fruits and veggies, and picking fresh meats and fish.

Everywhere you look in Barcelona is beautiful.  The architecture is breathtaking, the views are amazing, every direction is a sight to behold.

Gaudi’s creations throughout the city add whimsy.


And there are ample open air cafes for a late afternoon drink and relaxation.

I know plenty of people who have visited this magical city, and I’ve never heard a bad word about it.  I’d love to go back, but I worry that a visit of a week, even two, wouldn’t be enough.  If you have to leave Barcelona, you will leave it heartsick to return.


One Response to “Memories of Barcelona”

  1. Larissa T. November 30, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    Vacations! So perfect, and then so heartbroken to leave them behind. Yet, it’s better that way, than if you were counting the days to come home. I’ll have to visit Barcelona one day. It sounds wonderful!

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