bb shews

5 Dec

One of the BEST things about having a little girl is the little girl shoes! Baby Beez started walking for serious about 2 weeks ago.  I bought her 2 new pair of Stride Rites right around that time, and already she has trashed them. That kid is HARD on her shoes.  It looks like I’m going to be pouring a lot of money down the drain on baby shoes…but is that really so bad?  This kid has also caught her mama’s shoe habit.  She is proud of her shoes and likes to show them off to people. It’s ridiculous, and adorable.

My mother offered to buy Baby Beez a pair of shoes or two for Hanukkah, and so last night I ventured into the treacherous world of online baby shoe shopping.  I managed to keep my credit cards in check, but I did harass Mr. Beez every 5 minutes or so with “LOOK AT THESE SHOES, THEY ARE SO CUTE!”  Some favorites:

Livie & Luca Blossom T-Strap

Livie & Luca London Boot

PUMA Future Cat Remix LX Fashion Sneaker



See Kai Run Megan Fashion Sneaker



See Kai Run Beatrice Floral Boot

All together now: Awwwwwww!


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