Of chocolates and fried potatoes…

8 Dec

Growing up, every Christmas my grandparents set out a box of See’s candy.  My brothers and I spent the day alternating between stuffing ourselves with chocolates, and stuffing ourselves with everything else.  Most of the chocolates were delicious, but you always had the risk of biting into that weird overly-sweet but nutty nasty nasty nasty one.  I usually avoided this by scarfing all the ones with sprinkles, and the ones I could TELL were caramels before my brothers could get their grubby little hands on them.  Sometimes, though, I got stuck with a mouth full of the gross one.

Baby Beez’s daycare ran a Sarris Candies fundraiser a few weeks ago.  I picked out a box of Assorted Creams.   

They arrived on Tuesday, and Mr. Beez and I have been steadily destroying them.  I FEEL SO GUILTY. This box of chocolates has bowling bumpers!  It’s an entire box of the GOOD ones! None of the risk of the nasty ones! Are we allowed to do this?  Does this mean there are entire boxes out there of the nasty ones, waiting for some poor unwitting customer?  A whole box of tasty! What a revelation!

I also got a box of Milk Chocolate Salted Pretzel Bark.

I have not opened it yet.  Mr. Beez thinks that pretzels and chocolate together are gross (he is crazy).  I am simultaneously torn by my gluttenous selfishness that wants to eat the entire box of candy myself, and the knowledge that if I try to, I will make myself sick.  The easiest solution would be to take it in to work, but this is SARRIS CHOCOLATE, PEOPLE.  This stuff is delicious.  If you’ve had it, you know how painful it is to share!  The solution might be to wait until my mom gets into town…then I can “share” it with her, which means we’ll open the box, and race to gracelessly devour as much candy as each of us can bear.  Making myself sick on half a box of candy is at least better than making myself sick on a whole box.

Tonight I have an event at the synagogue, and they will be serving us latkes for dinner!

Latkes are quite possibly my favorite Jewish food (noodle kugel is a close second).  They’re even better if someone else makes them, because I do not like the hassle of deep frying.  And they’re even BETTER if they’re sweet potato latkes! Those are my favorite!  Latkes should always be topped with sour cream.  If you top them with applesauce, you are wrong, and you shouldn’t talk to me (latke traitor).  I will be spending all day today looking forward to my latke dinner! Hooray!


(For any confusion about mentioning celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah in the same post…my mom’s Jewish, my dad’s Catholic, so although I was raised and am Jewish, I share a number of Catholic holidays with my extended family).

2 Responses to “Of chocolates and fried potatoes…”

  1. sonbanon December 8, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    OMG! Is it too late to order from her daycare?

  2. beezuskiddo December 8, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

    Yes 😦 BUT Sarris sells all this stuff directly, too…I linked the website to the product names in the entry, so you can find these things (and more!) there. You can also take a drive out to Canonsburg and drool over all the chocolates in the shop. That’s a favorite pasttime of mine.

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