Cookin’ with Coolio, Coolio (2009)

12 Dec

I joined a Cookbook Club– it’s like a book club, except each meeting focuses around a cookbook instead of a novel.  Everyone makes a dish from the book, and we have a delicious dinner and discuss!

This month’s book was Cookin’ with Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price

Like a fool, I brought my camera with me to Cookbook Club, but forgot to take any pictures.  The food was all pretty good! I thought this book was a joke, but when I got my hands on it, I delightfully discovered that it’s no such thing.  Coolio even has a YouTube channel about cooking!

The recipes were simple and hearty.  I made the Night-Night Chicken, which is a chicken and vegetable stew.  As written, the recipe is decent.  With a few small tweaks, the recipe would be really great (throwing in some extra spices and cooking the dish in a crock pot).  Most of the recipes are like that–as written, they’re solid, but with a few adjustments they’re even better.

It’s a great book for someone with a sense of humor who is just starting out with cooking.  There are sections on chicken, steak, desserts, all kinds of things.  The techniques are simple, and the recipes don’t call for exotic or complicated ingredients.  My brother is in the process of buying his first house, and I’m going to send him my copy.  He’ll use it to break in his new kitchen, and have a good laugh.


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