Shameless self promotion, and time for blogging

18 Dec

BlogHer featured my piece on Multitasking and Working Moms on their website this weekend! It was featured both on the main page, as well as the Careers page! They’ve featured a million different articles and a million different writers, so it isn’t a huge deal, but I did think it was exciting.

My friend Viki asked me yesterday “how do you find time for reading and blogging and working and mom-ing and everything else you do?”  I don’t have any grand plan with time management.  I make sure to get my work done, and coordinate things with Mr. Beez to coordinate spending time with the little one, networking events, and happy hours…and everything else sort of falls in between.  My time management skills are probably “satisfactory.”  I am guilty of sometimes forgetting to put things in my calendar, or double (or triple) booking myself, or flat out forgetting things…but I manage to take care of all the important stuff, and even some not as important stuff, and it all turns out ok.

As far as blogging, I fit it into my life as a hobby.  Every time I’ve heard “It’s not about having time, it’s making time,” I’ve cringed… but it has some truth to it.  In participating in NaBloPoMo, I came across a number of blog posts where people complained about blogging being hard or too time consuming.  I’m a big believer that hobbies should be fun, and although challenges are sometimes fun, a hobby shouldn’t be so challenging that it sucks the fun out of the hobby.  I gave up crocheting for this very reason– it took forever for me to crochet anything, my skills were wanting (and everything turned out crooked and uneven), and the effort and time it would take for me to get good at would have killed all the fun, so I quit it.

At a Loss for Words

To the misfortune of the internet, blogging comes easily to me.  I always have a lot of ideas whirring around in my head.  They’re not ideas in terms of a storyline– I don’t think I’d make a good fiction writer.  They’re thoughts about things I’ve read, or seen, or heard.  I listen to NPR in the morning, and try to generally keep up with news and pop culture.  I’ll come across something that catches my interest, and I’ll roll it around in my mind for a few days or weeks.  Sometimes I’ll start a post on an idea, and save just a few sentences or bullet points.  Then I usually hit a point where my thoughts on the topic all come together, and I know what I want to say.  At that point, I can usually throw together a blog post on my idea in about 15 to 20 minutes.  It’s easy for me to find those 15 to 20 minutes in my day, because even if you’re very busy, you can often find 15 or 20 minutes to squeeze in a hobby you enjoy.  I often write at night right before bed, or after dinner while Baby Beez plays.  I will often write up an entry and save it for the next day to review and post.  It is important to me that I don’t sound foolish, and a break in between writing and posting gives me an opportunity to reflect and revise.

I’ve considered trying to write a topic-specific blog.  However, that would be much more time intensive– I’d have to spend more time reading and doing things specific to that topic.  That’s more of a time commitment than I’m able or willing to invest, so that’s not going to happen.  Writing about whatever miscellaneous topic comes to mind is easier, faster, and (for me at least) more fun.

If you’re interested in blogging but don’t know what to talk about, questions are a good jumping-off point.  I look through writing prompts when I feel like writing, but don’t know what I want to talk about.  My general approach for blogging, though, is to write about whatever I’m thinking about.  I tend to think about a lot of things, which is why I tend to have a lot to say.

One Response to “Shameless self promotion, and time for blogging”

  1. Viki December 19, 2011 at 8:38 am #

    The concept of writing “for fun” is pretty foreign to me. I guess it would take me much longer to compose decent blog posts. I like your point about hobbies being fun, which is why I’m not a blogger. I really enjoy reading your posts though, keep it up . 😀

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