An end to the holiday parties!

19 Dec

I love the holidays, and holiday parties. I feel fortunate to have friends and colleagues to celebrate with, and am glad to be able to enjoy this festive time of year. 

Shining happy and over-flashed faces on the way to the holiday party for Mr. Beez’ work

I’m also exhausted.  I’ve attended nine parties and social gatherings since December 1.  I’m glad to say it’s smooth sailing from here– with only very casual, small gatherings with family and friends between now and New Years.  The kind of gatherings where I can wear yoga pants and sip wine from a coffee mug, and no one gives a second glance.

Our babysitter’s been rolling in the dough, because a lot of the parties we’ve gone to have been grown-up parties.  On Saturday, however, we did attend the very family-friendly East End Food Co-Op Winterfest

There was an Irish band called “Bury the Cabbage,” and Baby Beez loved the music!


Baby Beez loved dancing in front of the stage and also tried to climb up there to join them.   She was waving her arms and stomping her feet, and just loving the music!

When she wasn’t dancing, Baby Beez walked walked walked through the crowd.  I swear she stopped at every table to smile and giggle at people.  The co-op attracts a very hippie-ish crowd, so her visits were welcomed.

Baby Beez also got a balloon flower to play with! Miraculously, it didn’t explode.

After two and a half hours of nonstop running around, it was TIME TO GO.  This is what a baby on the brink of a meltdown looks like.

After all this excitement, I went to a super-fun ugly sweater party! I, however, am a party pooper and didn’t have time to pick up an ugly sweater.  Since I failed at the party theme, I didn’t take any pictures of myself.  Next year I will not fail at the party theme!



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