Fancy burgers

23 Dec

Mr. Beez and I had a grown-ups dinner out at BRGR tonight.  Pittsburgh’s late on all the food trends, so we’re still in the height of the “fancy burgers” trend.

Picture from Foodburgh blog

I went completely overboard with Groupon/Living Social/Google Offers, so we have a whole lot of restaurants lined up to try.  BRGR caters to the foodie (or foodie wannabe) crowd, with fancy burger add ons like foie gras and all kinds of aioli.  Relish and ketchup are nowhere to be found on this menu.  I had the “Gutbuster Burger” which was a high quality burger on a buttery bun, topped with braised beef short ribs, white cheddar cheese, bearnaise aioli, and crispy onions.  It was very rich and tasty.  Our server was attentive, and service was impressively fast.  I had a mulled cider type of drin, and it was fantastic– probably my favorite part of the meal.

BRGR does burgers well, but I have to admit that Burgatory does pretty much the same thing, and better.  I was disappointed with the brevity of BRGR’s menu, and was surprised that they don’t provide a “build it yourself” option.  Both restaurants put together delicious burgers and shakes, but Burgatory’s selection is so much larger that it’ll get me to drive the extra 15 minutes to cross the river.

I’ve also picked up a coupon to Winghart’s, which also specializes in fancy burgers.  Due to their location, I doubt they’re truly direct competitor to BRGR and Burgatory.  Winghart’s is in Market Square, so they attract the downtown lunch crowd.  Winghart’s burgers are truly gluttenous and rich.  I went there for lunch a while back, and enjoyed the Shipwreck burger– covered in carmelized onions, brie, and all kinds of deliciousness.  The burgers are enormous, but they taste so good that I didn’t want to stop eating even though I was truly full.  I ended up eating the whole burger, and gave myself a ridiculous bellyache with my gluttony.

After reading a piece about them in Pop City, Mr. Beez and I have been interested in trying Pittsburgh Burger Company.  We were actually planning to take my mom there tonight, but she wasn’t feeling well, and opted to stay home and rest.  We’re interested in trying their wild game offerings, as I’ve never had an elk or bison burger.  Yelp only has a handful of reviews (and they rate it as less-than-stellar),  so I’d be interested in hearing more opinions on the place before heading over.


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