Rough night

31 Dec

I left work a little early yesterday, and was very excited that the weather was dry and fairly warm (high 40s). I planned to pick up Baby Beez from daycare, bundle her up in a hat and blanket, and take her for a nice long walk in the stroller on the Jail Trail.

She was whiny when I picked her up from daycare, but this was to be expected because she had just awoken from her nap.  By the time I got her home, it was clear she wasn’t feeling right.  She was a little warm and extra whiny.  All she wanted was to cuddle with me, suck her thumb, and moan.  We skipped the walk and stayed home.  She curled up with me for the rest of the afternoon and evening, occasionally sipping her juice.

an old picture of a snoozing Baby Beez

As the evening progressed, so did her fever.  She usually goes to bed around 7:30, but I let her snuggle with me and sleep as I watched a movie.  I finally put her in her bed around 10.  Throughout the night, she woke up every 1.5 to 2 hours.  Her fever was in the 101 range, and she had occasional “shudders” which woke her up and made her cry.  I did give her tylenol every 4 hours, but it seemed to wear off after about 2.  When she’d wake up, I’d snuggle with her and rub her back and try to get her to calm down.  I felt so bad, because I was doing everything I could for her, but she still didn’t feel well.  Finally around 4am, the fever wore off, and we did get a good stretch of sleep from 5 to 8:30. She’s not 100% now, but she’s doing considerably better. She’s interested in eating and in her toys, and I have a feeling once she wakes up from her afternoon nap, she’ll be full of energy and happy again.

When Baby Beez was a newborn, this waking up every 2 hours thing was a daily occurrence.  We’ve been extremely lucky in that she’s been sleeping through the night since she was about 4 months old.  It’s been almost a year since she’s woken up at night with any regularity. I am not used to this waking up at night thing, and consequently am feeling extra-rough today.

One Christmas when I was a kid, my 3 brothers and stepmom got the stomach flu.  My dad and I were lucky to avoid that plague.  My dad stayed up all night doing 16 loads of laundry, then as dawn broke, he put the turkey in the oven.  I think he and I were the only ones physically capable of even eating dinner that year.  That was a Christmas to remember. My dad likes to retell the story of that Christmas, but he never does so with bitterness.  He always retells it like a joke, and laughs heartily.

I’m constantly surprised by how love can convince you to do something that really, really sucks.  There are few people I would give up a night of sleep for, just to rub their back and try to soothe them.  I am even more surprised by Mr. Beez, who constantly tolerates all kinds of absurd things for me, just because he loves me. I’ve dragged him through countless movies, events, and concerts he’s in no way interested in, and he tolerates it without complaint because he loves me (or because he’s a sucker).

Here’s to hoping you have a healthy New Year’s, surrounded by the ones you love!


One Response to “Rough night”

  1. Viki January 3, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    Wow – you caused me to tear up with this one – it’s so true. Love can make you want to do crazy, monotonous, thankless things!

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