Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

6 Jan

Mr. Beez and I had a night out at the movies last night. (Baby Beez was with the babysitter.  I love my kid, but few things are more annoying than a small child at the movies.)

I liked the first Sherlock Holmes movie, but thought it was over-hyped.  I’ve been looking forward to this second Sherlock Holmes movie, expecting it to be fun, but not having particularly high expectations.  I ended up liking this movie even more than the first.

Holmes and Watson are, again, on a quest to save the world from a nefarious villain.  Holmes is his usual rogueish charming self.  Watson is all business, and adorable.

There are plenty of fights and explosions.  The slow fighting sequences in the first movie were a big hit (remember that scene where Holmes gets punched in the face and his cheek slowly, dramatically ripples?), and Guy Richie does plenty more of them here.  Richie tends to move the camera a lot during fight scenes, probably because it adds to the action, but I find it disorienting.  The slowed-down fight bits even things out to keep me from getting motion sick.

There are a a few fight scenes where Holmes imagines the fight sequence first in slow-motion and then the fight happens at regular speed.  That technique wasn’t a big winner with me, I don’t see why we needed to see a fight twice.

Holmes’ disguises are more complicated and funnier in this movie than the last.  The disguises are my second favorite part of the movie.  (My favorite part involved a pony.)

The movie of course left open the possibility of more Holmes movies.  I do hope there are more, but series usually fail around the third installment, so maybe that’s not such a good idea.  Holmes is the perfect role for Robert Downey, Jr., although you’d be hard pressed to find any movie I wouldn’t want to see him in (or Jude Law, for that matter).


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