BeezusKiddo’s guide to never ever losing weight, ever

8 Jan

This weekend has been b-a-n-a-n-a-s.  There was, of course, Friday’s fun and gluttonous meal at Sonoma Grille.  Yesterday, I got some work done in the morning, in the afternoon Mr. Beez and I took Baby Beez to the Children’s Museum for a quick visit, and in the evening Mr. Beez and I had an outing with our friends Aimee and Larry!  It’s been a great time, but I’m beat!

Last night’s outing was the classic dinner in a show (in the reverse order).  The Second City is performing in Pittsburgh this weekend, and we got the best seats in the house–at a table right in front of the stage.

The Second City show was hilarious.  And luckily, Mr. Beez’ greatest fear– that he’s be pulled into the show– was not realized.  Phew! Because we had fancy seats, we also had table service, which meant that I drank tasty wine and wine and wine.  Good thing I didn’t pick “lose weight” or “drink less wine” as New Years Resolutions, because I have been doing terribly with both of those the last few days….(there’s always tomorrow!)

After the show we went to NOLA on the Square for dinner.  I had the Shrimp and Grits, and it was delicious– savory and salty and just a little spicy.

I just wanted a picture of shrimp and grits, so I found this on the internet. I of course forgot that I had a camera in tow and took no pictures last night.

I was not aware of this, but Aimee informed me that NOLA has very good Happy Hour specials. Apparently you can get a decent sized dish of red beans & rice or gumbo for $1 each, during happy hour. YUM.

So now we are at Sunday, and I have to scramble to get all kinds of things done around the house, put in some time writing a brief, do the grocery shopping (I already did the couponing), and do the laundry.  A big Steeler’s game is on today, so I may have that on while working on other things.  In an ideal world, I’d also go to the gym (I did get there yesterday!) but I can only hope I’ll get to that today…Time to get moving!


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