Coupons, week deux

9 Jan

When I originally set out to make our shopping lists, I thought we only needed to pick up a few things this week.  This week, however, there ended up being a lot of good sale/coupon combos, so I spent (and bought) more than intended.  We’re really well stocked with food in this house, and particularly quick meals and things to pack in lunches, so I’m going to see if we can swing skipping grocery shopping next week.

This week I only went to Walgreens and Giant Eagle, the other stores didn’t have anything of much interest to me.  I only picked Walgreens because it’s close to my house and right by the local major shopping center.  I got all bent out of shape about Walgreens today.  I had a BOGO coupon for Bic razors ($5.99 each), but it wouldn’t scan right on the register.  The cashier was like “Sorry, can’t take it.”  There was a line building behind me which was stressing me out, and I didn’t want to waste more of everyone’s time by calling a manager over.  I ended up paying for both of the razors in full, which meant that I missed out on $5.99 worth of savings, just because of the stupid register not working right.  I’m not thrilled about that.  Whine whine whine. Also, that Walgreens is terrible about updating the sale tags in the aisles.  They’re never updated for Sunday, so I have to carry the circular around with me to make sure I’m buying the right size of whatever it is that’s on sale, etc.  Annoying.  I did get $11 in “Walgreens bucks” there for a future trip, but I think I will just use them and then call it quits on Walgreens.

So if I had paid full price on all of my purchases, the total would have been $227.97.  I saved $31.52 from sales, and $35.55 from coupons. That’s about a 30% savings. I also got a total of $12 in store “bucks” for use on a future order, so that’s nice.If that stupid BOGO coupon HAD worked, my savings would have been a couple percentage points more. Aaargh.  Who are all these people who are saving 60% or more on their shopping trips?  I assume that for people who stockpile, when they find a SUPER good deal, they’re buying a million of whatever it is, and that drives up the savings percentage?

Couponing again took about 90 minutes today.  It only took about 45 minutes for me to clip all the coupons, update my Giant Eagle eOffers online, review all the matchups online, and write my lists.  It took another 45 minutes for me to file the stupid things in the stupid binder.  THAT is what takes so darn long.  If anyone has any idea how to make that part of the process faster, I’m all ears.


4 Responses to “Coupons, week deux”

  1. Sandy January 9, 2012 at 8:23 am #

    I wonder if the 60% people use the calculation “I could have bought organic apples at Whole Foods for $2.49/lb but instead I got a bag of old bruised apples at Joe’s Produce for $0.69/lb.” not really couponing and not really an even comparison.

    • beezuskiddo January 9, 2012 at 8:27 am #

      It could be something like that…I haven’t exactly seen anyone lay out the numbers.
      I’m buying the same things with or without couponing, so it is making *some* difference.

  2. sonbanon January 10, 2012 at 10:47 pm #

    If they are measuring percentages, this probably won’t apply, but I wonder if a lot of the savings you’re seeing apply to people buying for larger families….? Some of my friends who have had to feed larger families (5+) on serious budgets found that marathon couponing was really worth the effort. I didn’t find that to be true for my two-person household back when I couponed, but admittedly, that was 7 years ago when I was last really into it.

    As for the binder… again, I didn’t apply the meticulous method you seem to be following but just had an envelope I took with me everywhere… but I only clipped for special stores out of the way of my normal trips if it was for an item or three that I used in bulk (such as diapers or baby formula/food).


  1. Couponing- Third Time’s the Charm « beezuskiddo - January 22, 2012

    […] So after my second week of couponing, I decided to swear off Walgreens, because I was mad that they didn’t take my BOGO coupon, and their store makes me mad because they never have the current sales tags up, which results in me having to wander around with the circular and make sure I’ve got everything right. Annoying.  I still had $11 in store bucks left, which meant that I wanted to take one more trip there to use them up.  So today was my last trip to that store, and I went out with a BANG! […]

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