Couponing- Third Time’s the Charm

22 Jan

The reason why there is a picture of penguins in a post about couponing is because i typed “coupon” into google image search, and this is one of the pictures that came up, and it is ADORABLE.

I didn’t get the paper last Sunday and didn’t do any grocery shopping last week, either.  We had plenty of stuff stocked up for the week, and only had to make a stop at the grocery store to pick up more milk for Baby Beez.  This of course put a hole in my coupon reserves, but oh well.

This week’s newspaper didn’t have as many coupons, and I’ve gotten a better hang of clipping, sorting, and writing up my list.  I think this week it only took me about an hour (and about 5 minutes of scolding Baby Beez for trying to shut my laptop on my hands over and over and over.)

So after my second week of couponing, I decided to swear off Walgreens, because I was mad that they didn’t take my BOGO coupon, and their store makes me mad because they never have the current sales tags up, which results in me having to wander around with the circular and make sure I’ve got everything right. Annoying.  I still had $11 in store bucks left, which meant that I wanted to take one more trip there to use them up.  So today was my last trip to that store, and I went out with a BANG!

I bought– 4 boxes Kraft Mac & Cheese, 4 cans Progresso soup, 2 frozen Red Baron Pizzas, 1 bottle of Neutrogena shampoo, and 1 package of Neutrogena facial cleansing and makeup removal wipes (I LOVE those things. If you haven’t tried them, you NEED TO.  They are a little pricy, but with coupons and sale watching, you can often get them at a very good price.)  The pre-sale, pre-coupon total was $$40.53.  After $3.25 in sales, $11.76 in Walgreens coupons, and $15.50 in other coupons (including $11 in store bucks), I walked out with paying only $10.02.  YESSS.   Couponing success!

If you were to just look at my bank account, you wouldn’t see much movement in the grocery bill.  However, there has been real savings there.  This week, I paid $147.11, and saved $33.42 on store specials, and $15.95 on coupons, which I think comes out to savings of around 25%.  We’ve been coming home with more food for our money, but we’ve also been saving a ton of money by not getting take-out.  I’ve paid $0 for take out this month, whereas I frequently toss out $30-50 a week on that.  Sure, canned soup and pasta are full of sodium and not the greatest, but neither is Chinese Chicken and Broccoli…and the latter is a much bigger portion, and costs a lot more.  I wish I had the time and energy to make healthy dinners every night, but I just don’t.  I do it whenever I can, but it’s certainly not every night.  Thank goodness for frozen veggies, because at least I can toss those in the microwave and make sure we are eating green things every night.

Even if the coupons themselves haven’t made a huge difference, they have gotten me to be a lot more deliberate in shopping, which means there’s a lot more food in the house, I’m not dumping money into take out, and we’re not scrambling to figure out what to eat every night.  That has been a huge help.


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