Who Knew?– Cheesemonger Invitational

24 Jan

This blog is such a hodge podge, and to make things even podgier, I’m adding in a recurring series called “Who Knew?” 

Basically, this is a series about events and places that I would have never thought of visiting (or even had any idea that they exist), but they sound really really cool, and I’d LOVE to visit.  It’s a formalization of my “Imaginary Vacation” tag, and a wish list of sorts.

This weekend on NPR I heard an interview with Steve Jones, World Champion Cheesemonger.  Steve is the cheesemonger of the Cheese Bar in Portland, OR.

The Cheesemonger Invitational is a competition to identify the WOOOORLDS GREATEST CHEESEMONGER.  The competition has 4 rounds:

  1. Introduction, where the contestant announces their cheese shop, their favorite cheese, and generally tries to charm the judges.
  2. Taste Test: In which the contestant must determine milk type, country of origin, raw vs. pasteurized, category (fresh, bloomy rind, washed rind, semisoft, firm, hard, blue), age of cheese (within two month increments) and name of cheese.  Because the potential for these answers seems limitless, the contestants are given a multiple choice sheet of sorts.
  3. Cutting and Wrapping: Where the contestant must cut two 1/4 pound pieces of cheese from a 15 pound half wheel, and wrap individually in paper….without the benefit of a scale.  
  4. Plating: Where the contestants must wow the judges with a brilliant cheese pairing and presentation.

I don’t know much about cheese in the formal sense, but OMG I DO LOVE IT.    The website looks like hipster central, so I’m not sure this is my crowd, but we can all come together in the love of all things cheese, am I right?

I signed up for their mailing list so I can be in the know when they start advertising next year’s invitational.  I’m certainly not going to compete, but they will of course need spectators!


One Response to “Who Knew?– Cheesemonger Invitational”

  1. Sandy January 24, 2012 at 10:10 am #

    Am only able to think of this with respect to cheese. WILL YOU SHUT THAT BLOODY BAZOOKI UP.

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