30 Jan

I want to have a BIG IDEA.  I want to think of something amazing and innovative that shapes our city’s culture for the better.  Pittsburgh is an amazing place to have a BIG IDEA. If you have a BIG IDEA, you can make it happen here, and you’ll be greeted with enthusiasm and support.

I have been working on this for a while, but I have not yet come up with a BIG IDEA.  I’m not even sure what kind of BIG IDEA I want to have.  I’m not the quit-my-job-and-open-a-fledgling-business type.  I like my job fine, and maybe I can even figure out a BIG IDEA that intersects with my job.    I’m interested in the in issues surrounding social media content, the law, and how to be engaged with social media content in a way that is harmonious with having a “traditional” job.  I’ve actually gotten support from my work in developing these interests, so there might be some potential there.  I just haven’t had an EUREKA! moment yet.

I’m also interested in figuring out some kind of BIG IDEA that helps working parents make their lives easier.   Or maybe I can figure out some kind of BIG IDEA that meets a social need in our city, or enriches Pittsburgh culturally.

I tend to have good ideas in the shower, so I’ve taken lots of showers.  No BIG IDEA yet. Thanks to the showers, I don’t smell bad.

Since I haven’t thought of a BIG IDEA of my own yet, here are some of favorite BIG IDEAS that other ‘burghers have had:

Stylish White Female is Terra McBride’s brilliant fashion blog.  She photographs her perfect outfit every day.  I’m inspired and amazed by how polished she is every single day (despite my own extremely amateur interest in fashion, I, by contrast, wrote this post while sloppily rocking jeans and a hoodie.)  Terra takes many of her photos downtown and in Market Square, so I enjoy seeing her photos and thinking “hey, I walked through there today!”

The Milk Truck is part public art project/part breastfeeding advocacy project.  You can follow its location through the Milk Truck twitter feed.  The idea is that women who have been hassled about breastfeeding can call the truck, and it will come by and give them a supportive place to nurse.  The logistics of it seem to be a little tricky (if you need to feed baby now, you’re not likely going to be able to wait for a truck to show up, even if someone is hassling you), but the Milk Truck has done a great job of encouraging conversation about breastfeeding and cultural issues surrounding breastfeeding.

The Goodie Truck also promotes mobile nourishment, but this vehicle serves cookies, whoopie pies, and other sweet treats!!

Yinzpiration is the project of Kate Stolzfus, where she recounts all the fascinating people she meets as she fulfills a challenge to interview 100 inspiring Pittsburghers.  Make sure to check out her 57-reasons to live in Pittsburgh piece.  Even in this cold and dreary weather, it will warm your heart for our fair city.

Conflict Kitchen is a take out restaurant that only serves foods from countries with which the US is in conflict.  In addition to serving tasty food, it encourages awareness of our country’s foreign relations, and reminds us of the humanity of those whom we may only know from frantic news headlines.

That statute thing at CMU with the people walking up to the sky.  I don’t know much about it, other than I think it is fantastic.

Although pick-your-own-mix-ins isn’t anything new for an ice cream shop, Oh Yeah! in Shadyside takes it to a whole new, clever level.  Oh Yeah! has heaps and heaps of personality.  In addition to ice cream, they also boast waffles and delicious coffee, and have tons of vegan offerings.  One of my favorite summer outings is spending an evening at their outdoor tables with a sweet treat.  Plenty of people bring their friendly dogs by, and it’s always a pleasant spot to hang out.

As a transplant, I don’t have my own Pittsburgh dad, but from what I’ve learned here over the last nearly 12 years Pittsburgh Dad  the Youtube phenomenon certainly rings true! Ravens suck!
I’ll continue to circle square one, and take a whole lot of showers, and hopefully someday I’ll come up with my own BIG IDEA to make my mark on the city.


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