31 Jan

A very busy week last week was followed by a very busy weekend which was then followed by another busy week this week.  Lots and lots of thinking and reading and writing and more thinking and more writing.  I followed a very busy work day with judging the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s mock trial competition for local high schools.  These were some devoted and intelligent kids.  I love judging mock trial because the kids are so enthusiastic about lawyering, they take the case and what they are doing so seriously, and they really listen when you give them feedback.

After all that, I didn’t get home til about 9:30.   My brain is very tired.  I’ve got about 50 pages left in Game of Thrones, and I’m just dying to get this darn book FINISHED.  I am finishing this book tonight. If it kills me.

Baby Beez has long been asleep and I haven’t seen her since I dropped her off and daycare this morning, and part of me wants to wake her up just to get a few minutes of her smiles (although waking her up is extremely unlikely to produce smiles).

Baby Beez’ personality has gone through so many changes lately, in a completely wonderful way.  She has been extremely clingy to me, but now she is equally excited about Daddy.  She’s finally letting me put her hair up so it doesn’t get stuck in her snotty face.  She’s chattering up a storm.  It’s so amazing to watch her get big and clever and so independent.  She is usually whiny and clingy when I drop her off at daycare, and a few weeks ago she just strolled into the daycare room, started playing and said “BYEEE!” to me.  She was so big and so independent, and I was so proud.

She’s such a kid now.  She’s defiant and intelligent and charming.

I can’t believe she used to be this little noisy blob.

She is such a person now, and so fun and so cute and so perfect.  I want to keep her this age forever.

Now to go finish that book….


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