5 minute dinner

3 Feb

I feel like we’ve been eating too much meat and too many starches lately.  For years I was a vegetarian, but I started eating meat again when I was pregnant with Baby Beez (because I wanted cheesesteaks all day, every day).  I haven’t gone back to being a vegetarian because being a healthy vegetarian means cooking a lot (unless you want to eat pasta non-stop), and I haven’t been able to get my ducks in a row to do that.  I am, however, trying to make fast and healthy vegetarian meals whenever possible. Because I am always rushed for preparing dinner, it’s so frequently grilled cheese, pasta, or canned soup.  I might as well eat a block of salt for dinner.

Last night I made a vegetable and bean saute that I worried had the potential to be a total disaster, but actually turned out really well.  I thew olive oil, a bunch of garlic, frozen spinach, a bag of frozen broccoli stir fry, half a bag of frozen pepper strips and onions, and a can of navy beans into a pan and cooked them up.  Right at the end, I tossed in some balsamic vinegar, and also put a small bit of shaved parmesan cheese on top (real parmesan cheese, not that sawdusty stuff in a can).  It turned out very nicely.  I didn’t realize the broccoli stir fry had water chestnuts in it, so water chestnuts with balsamic vinegar was a little strange, but not bad.  It wasn’t loaded with salt, and was much better than a can of Chef Boyardee.

The whole dinner took only a few minutes to cook.  I, of course, ate way more than I should.  The whole time I thought “it’s healthy, I can eat more!!!!”  However, when you eat too many vegetables, they expand in your stomach, and then you feel like you ate 50 times more than you really did. Ugh.

Baby Beez did like the veggies, but she got bored of eating altogether after about 3 bites, and decided instead to destroy the dining room.

I am Baby Beez and I approve of this message!


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