Successful Library Outing

6 Feb

On Saturday, we took Baby Beez to the Main Branch of the Carnegie Library for her first library outing.  The Main Branch has an amazing kids room, with plenty of kid-appropriate places for reading and playing.

The library was too NEW and EXCITING for Baby Beez to be convinced to sit down for a story.  She wanted to pull all the books out of the shelf, but I managed to convince her to not do that, and run circles around the bookshelves instead.  The staff in the childrens’ area is completely unfazed by small crazy children. At one point, she dashed behind the checkout desk, and the clerk didn’t even flinch.  I wouldn’t let her run around crazy in the other parts of the library (or any public place other than the Childrens’ Museum), but this seemed to be OK behavior from her in the children’s room.

There is a little enclosure area with tushie-cushies and books for reading.  Baby Beez had fun carrying the cushions around and running in and out of the enclosure.  It’ll be a lot of fun to go back there when she’s a couple of years older, and ready to sit still long enough for us to read some books together.

After a while Baby Beez ran out enough energy that she could be convinced to sit and flip through a few books. We checked out a whole bunch of great things for reading at home: Frog & Toad are Friends, Where the Wild Things Are, Olivia, Anansi the Spider, If You Give a Mouse A Cookie, Princess Penelope’s Parrot, and The Bernstein Bears and the Bad Dream.  Somewhere in the course of checking these books out, I managed to lose my library card.  Whoops.

After an hour in the library, Baby Beez was still going strong, but Mr. Beez and I were wiped. Just watching all those little ones dashing around is tiring!  We replenished our energy with a late lunch at the Shiloh Grill.  Of course, the only way I know how to get UP to Mt. Washington is using the AJ McArdle Roadway, and since that road is closed for a landslide, we ended up driving around in circles for about 25 minutes trying to figure out how the heck to get to the restaurant.

Yum! Quesadillas!


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