Unexpected kindness

12 Feb

We are in a short family trip to Las Vegas this weekend. I booked this trip because we got a great deal on airfare, and Vegas is an easy place for my mom to meet up and visit with us. Only after I booked the tickets did I realize that I would be making this trip with a busy, impatient, snarling toddler on my lap.

To her credit, she did have several periods of napping, playing nicely, and watching videos. The peace of those moments was shattered by several hitting, screaming, throwing tantrums. There ain’t no space for a tantrum in coach.

I expected to be shot the stink eye or at least be the target of muttered comments. No such thing happened! In an unexpected show of civility, at least 4 people commented to me that they remembered being in my shoes, and how hard it is to fly with a toddler. 3 of these people said Baby Beez was even good (i have no idea how the came to that conclusion.)

In her constant fussing, Baby Beez kicked the seat in front of us several times. I was wrangling her the best I could, but in that tiny space it was unavoidable. I apologized profusely to the man sitting there, and he kindly responded that she wasn’t even bothering him.

Parenting in public, and especially in the tight confines of an airplane, is so rich with opportunities for snide judgment. It was so refreshing that, despite my pessimistic expectations, my fellow passengers acted toward us with patience and tolerance.



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