Happy Valentine’s Day, ev’ry day the four-teenth!

14 Feb

We’re back in town after our weekend trip.  I took today as a vacation day as well, because we got home around midnight and have no food in the house and no clean clothes, and (for once) I managed to carve out a little time from work so that taking the day off is actually possible.  I always feel guilty about taking a day off, like I’m playing hooky or doing something I’m not supposed to.  I know that vacation days are vacation days, and it is up to me whether I want to spend those days lounging on the beach or washing clothes, but still I can’t help but feel like I’m playing hooky.  Ironically, the rare day that I’m not in the office, Mr. Beez decided to send Valentine’s Day flowers to me at work.  I will have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy them.

We didn’t do anything fancy for Valentine’s Day.  I got Mr. Beez a nice pair of winter gloves, and he got me a really nice cover for my Kindle Fire. We usually go out to a fancy dinner for Valentine’s Day, but didn’t get around to making babysitter arrangements.  We were possibly going to go out to a fancy dinner while we were in Las Vegas, but I got sick while we were there (downfall of having a quick trip is that you have no time for unexpected complications) so that destroyed the possibility of us going out.  Also Mr. Beez is working late tonight, so tonight’s not an option anyway.

I went with Baby Beez to her daycare’s Valentine’s Day party this morning.

They sang songs, colored pictures, and had a snack.

I ended up with a lot of pictures like this, because Baby Beez would see me pick up the camera, and immediately run toward me full speed ahead.

Most kids eat cookies. Baby Beez smashed hers.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!


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