Weekend away in Las Vegas

14 Feb

I’m always telling people that Las Vegas is good for a long weekend, but it gets boring to stay there much longer.  This trip, I think I could have done well with an extra day or two.  Mr. Beez and I really wanted to have a night out on the town and visit a bar or restaurants at one of the fancy new hotels.  Unfortunately, I got sick while we were there, so while we did get to wander around Fremont Street in a jet lagged haze on Saturday night, Sunday night was spent having an early dinner followed by me crashing into bed around 8pm with the Grammy’s on TV.

Getting sick was a minor hiccup in an otherwise lovely trip.  We got to see my mom and visit some family friends.  We got to do most of the things we wanted, but also managed to avoid overscheduling.

Mr. Beez bravely (?) jumped from the 108th floor of the Stratosphere with the SkyJump Las Vegas.

I have to admit, that I was nervous about this endeavor, and I made sure Mr. Beez gave Baby Beez a kiss goodbye before heading up to leap off that platform.

Suited up for the jump.

Here he is, safe and sound on the ground.  I couldn’t get a picture of him during the jump itself, but he looked something like this:

We also took a visit up to the observation deck of the Stratosphere.

Mr. Beez rode the X-Scream rollercoaster, which is a car on a short track, and the track tips forward and sends the car hurtling over the edge of the tower, where it abruptly stops and no one dies.  We went outside to watch Mr. Beez enjoy this madness.  Some of the other passengers were screaming on the rollercoaster, and Baby Beez did not understand what was going on.  She could see daddy up there, and she started FREAKING OUT and screaming and yelling “BYE BYE!”  Poor little bug was terrified.

Once Mr. Beez got off the ride and calmed her down, we took Baby Beez to a ride that was more of her liking.

Afterward we went back to the hotel to rest (this was a tiring trip…Baby Beez doesn’t understand time zones, so she woke up at 4 am every morning).  I went to the spa and had a hot stone massage.  Going to the spa is the key difference between taking a trip and having a VACATION.

We also spent some time the following day wandering around the new City Center complex.  The Aria resort is so chic and lovely, and the Cosmopolitan is swanky.  I wasn’t sure if I was cool enough to be hanging out around that part of town.

I would have loved to spend an evening sipping drinks at the the Cosmopolitan’s chandelier bar!

The flight back to Pittsburgh was nearly as difficult as the trip there.  After flying to Orlando and Myrtle Beach this summer, I thought I had things figured out for keeping Baby Beez entertained and well behaved.  I was wrong wrong wrong.  She’s so little and changing so fast, and the success of any child-wrangling is short lived.  The difficulties of the flights didn’t ruin our trip.  I really needed to get out of town and relax, and in our trip to Las Vegas I did just that.


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