Date Night: Brasserie 33

19 Feb

We decided on Brasserie 33 for our date night! We made a 7pm reservation, and got to Shadyside a little early, so had a pre-dinner cocktail at Soba Lounge.  I know this opinion is not universal, but I’m very much in favor of there being separate “grown up” places, and “family friendly” places.  I like to have nice grown up dinners with no kids around, and Soba is one of those places that I consider to be very “grown up.”  I’m glad we were only there for a drink, because there was a crying baby in the lounge area, and another young child (albeit well behaved) also dining with his parents in the lounge.  Bah, kids, go away!  The cocktails, however, were delicious as always.

Brasserie 33 was delicious.  I’ve heard rave reviews of the service, and while the servers were very friendly the entire time we were there, things slowed down considerably as the night went on and the restaurant filled up.

Mr. Beez and I shared a starter of the escargot.  We picked it as a novelty because I’d never had escargot before.  The people dining at the table next to us were loudly proclaiming their love for the dish, but I found that the pesto sauce taste was overwhelming and didn’t taste much else.  It wasn’t bad, but not spectacular either.  Mr. Beez had french onion soup, and said it was delicious.  I had a very tasty salad with beets and goat cheese, yum!

My handsome dining companion and our starters

Brasserie 33 has a limited wine list, but the servers are well versed in it.  Based on our descriptions of what we like (wine with bold flavor, but not Beaujolais, I don’t like Beaujolais), he recommended this wine:

And we loved it!

For dinner, Mr. Beez had the Boeuf Bourguignon and I had the Jambe d’Agneua (lamb shank).  The menu focuses on traditional, hearty French dishes, like I’d imagine an old French grandmother whipping up to fill up bellies on a cold winter night.

My apologies for the bad lighting...

The dishes were very flavorful and comforting.  I especially loved the vegetables, they were just barely crunchy, and thankfully not mushy.

For the life of me, I can’t remember what Mr. Beez had for dessert.  I know it involved ice cream and he loved it.  It also had hazelnuts on it, which kept me from stealing all of it off his plate (I had a bad run in with an entire jar of Nutella as a child, and haven’t been able to eat hazelnuts since).  I had the perfectly done creme brulee!

The custard was very cold, and the caramelized top was very crunchy.  Creme brulee done well is a joy, but it’s a gross mess if the custard warms up or if the top isn’t crunchy enough.

Yes, I know the food in these pictures is half-eaten, but I’d like to point out that for once I remembered to take pictures before eating all the food.

Brasserie 33 is a lovely place for a romantic night out.  I did not know this ahead of time, but they permit you to bring your own wine as well, which is a bonus.


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